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– That each child’s first school experience will be a positive one.

-To provide and environment conductive to exploration

-To provide an appropriate mix of child-centered and teacher-directed activities.

-To achieve and environment that allows each child to reach his/her potential in a relaxed, enjoyable school setting.

We offer several different classes for preschool.  We have morning class and afternoon classes.  Please refer to classes to see a list of everything we have to offer.  We also have a 2year old program.  Your 2 year old can come to preschool with an adult.  Our program is very unique, we move from room to room and each class has a schedule.  We have several different rooms which include 2 art rooms, skills room with Smart Board, big room(large motor skills), pre-k 5 room, free play room, 2 playgrounds, 3 year old circle time and snack room.  This allows us to have the children move around just like Kindergarten.